At Prospect Community Village we offer a range of different services for our clients.
This includes social activities, animal therapy and assistance to medical appointments.
Should you wish to provide services to any of our clients, please contact us and we will put you in touch with the relevant Support Coordinator,


Animal Therapy

Animal Therapy is a guided interaction between a person and/or people and an animal. At Prospect Community Village we have a variety of different animals that the clients assist in caring for, these include:
4 cats
1 dog (Wilbur)
Guinea pigs
Fish (indoor & outdoor)

NDIS Activities
Our clients are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of fun, educational and engaging activities. They are encouraged by our friendly staff to "have a go" and socialise with other clients and people within the wider community. Activities that clients participate in, include:
Indoor Activities -
8 Ball (9am-12pm weekdays)
Electronic Darts (9am-12pm weekdays)
X-Box (9am-12pm weekdays)
Foot Spa
Board Games
Bingo Art/Scrapbooking
Outdoor Activities - Trips to
Victor Harbour
Any other destinations requested and agreed on by all clients.

Our clients are able to request medical appointments which are booked through our Registered Nurse, Jackie, or NDIS Coordinator, Vicki.

Staff often attend appointments with clients to ensure that they are comfortable and that the correct information is relayed back to the relevant team members.

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